Magical Reindeer Food

by admin on December 6, 2011

Ok so this isn’t Bruins related, but I figure I would share for all of you Bruins fans with little ones. A co-worker gave me a bag of Magic Reindeer Food for my kids and other workers wanted some for their kids except there was only one bag. So I searched around for some images and redrew them (Thanks Linhart) and set it up for 2 cards on a page for anyone that wants to download it and make some Magical Reindeer Food for their kids.

Here’s the front


Here’s the inside

So get a sandwich bag throw some cereal of choice in it and some glitter. Staple the card to the front and booom you have Magical Reindeer food for your kids for Christmas Eve.

You can download the printable file here.

Print side one, flip it over and print side 2.



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